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We are a Precision Behavioral Digital Therapeutic Company

Claritas strives to merge mindfulness, emerging digital technology and behavioral psychology to develop and scale solutions that will enable people to control their cravings & addictions.

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About Claritas Mindsciences

Claritas Mindsciences is based on neurofeedback technology developed by Dr. Judson Brewer when he was leading Yale’s Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic. We combine evidence-based mindfulness training that helps people achieve an energized focus to help them change behavior with neurofeedback that confirms proper technique and accelerates progress. Our first product, Craving to Quit® was launched in 2012. Craving to Quit® is a 21 session mindfulness training solution for smoking cessation based on our randomized controlled clinical trials which showed that it was twice as effective as gold standard treatment at the time.

Core features of Craving to Quit®

Craving to Quit® combines mobile evidence based training, an online community and weekly live expert video coaching. Three components in one program to ensure your success.

Mobile App

An app that delivers evidence based training in daily bite-sized pieces that enables you to personalize your experience. It includes user check-ins, goal progression, and exercises that help you ride out your cravings.

Online Support Community

A peer group that helps support you to stay on track through discussion, success stories, and journal entries. Moderated and curated by Dr. Judson Brewer, MD PhD in Addiction Psychiatry and/or other clinicians.

Weekly Live Video Chats

Informative and engaging discussion-based support live streaming video led by Dr. Judson Brewer and/or other clinicians, every week, with real time response to questions submitted by you.

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